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Sue Ramin-Hutchison & Merri Domer

Assistive Technology

Handwriting Problem Solutions, LLC

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Olivet, MI 49076, USA

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Assistive Technology, Keyboarding


Special Education Teacher




I, Sue Ramin-Hutchison, am a certified Special Education Teacher Consultant for Physically & Otherwise Health Impaired Students - State of Micigan, an Assistive Technology Support Specialist and Section 504/Special Education Advocate. I began as a Special Education Teacher Consulant for multiple Michigan school districts, specializing for over 20 years in evaluating, recommending and implementing "best practice" assistive technology solutions for Dysgraphic students to use for written schoolwork completion. The students I work with, in general, have Dysgraphia related to Physical Impairments, ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Coordination Disorder/Dyspraxia and Learning Disabilities. Handwriting Problem Solutions, LLC, the online company I share with my business parter, Special Needs Technology Consultant Merri Domer, began in 2005 to bring our unique knowledge base and successful Michigan program to families and professionals, no matter where they were located. From our website, we provide 2 assistve techology resource guides for purchase - "Assistive Technology, Classrom Implementation Strategies & Educational Resource Recommendations for Kids Who Struggle to Write" - and our "Special Edition for Kids with ASD." The assistive techology solutions and classroom implementation strategies included in our guides are the same ones we use with students everyday - and they really work! They allow kids with Dysgraphia the opportunity to compete the exact same assignments as their peers, as independently as possible! Both of our guides are "living documents." Purchasers are given the access code to the "Guide Updates" page on our website, where we are continually posting new assistive technology information as it becomes available to us - and we have trialed it with students. This way, our guides always remain current and up to date. We also provide private Assistive Technology Consultation Services for individual students, as well as Assistive Technology Zoom Training for families who consult with us for an additional fee, if they wish us to train their child in using the assistve technology we have recommended. You can read more about us, our resource guides and Consultation Services on our website. The GREAT NEWS is that all types of written schoolwork can now be completed using the latest assistive technology - even advanced math and science! Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have and we will be happy to answer them.

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