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Resources for Teens & Adults

This content is provided so that those with writing difficulties and their loved ones find products that may help them. Dysgraphia Life is an Amazon and Grammarly Affiliate and earns from qualifying purchases.

Spelling and Grammar


Most word processing software has a built-in spelling and grammar check but there may be times when you need something more. 


Grammarly: Available for use on pretty much all devices (both computers and mobile), Grammarly has a FREE option that includes grammar and spellcheck, as well as a check for "conciseness" of writing. The premium (paid) version includes more features, like readability measures and vocabulary suggestions. 


Taking Notes


LiveScribe Pen: The best of both worlds.

Sync your handwritten notes with recordings of

conferences or meetings.

EverNote: Available for pretty much all devices (both computers and mobile), this software allows you to type notes, add in screenshots, share notes, and syncs notes across devices. The free version allows basic notetaking functions and the premium version offers more flexibility.  


Notability: Available for Apple products (computers, iPads, and iPhones) in the Apple App Store, this app offers similar features as notability. It is not free, however (As of September 30, 2019, it costs $11.99), and is only available on Apple products. But one of the features of notability is that you can record a lecture or meeting at the same time you are taking notes, and you can use the notes to go back to a specific place in the lecture recording.

Voice recorders can replace note-taking

if you are allowed to use them in meetings.

Some also can covert directly to text for notes.




Adobe Fill and Sign: This app (available for Apple and Android products) makes it really easy to take a picture of the form, create fields to fill in, create a signature, and either air-drop or email the file to yourself or someone else. ​​



Dictation and Voice-to-Text

(We need your thoughts! What's your favorite dictation software and why? Email us at and let us know.) ​​

​Nuance Dragon Professional Individual - Not cheap, but one of the most comprehensive and accurate programs. This verison is designed for an office environment. There are medical, legal, and at-home versions as well.  ​​​​​

​For a free alternative, try the Voice Typing that is included in Google Docs. With a word document open, go to "Tools" and choose "Voice typing." 

​Desktop Microphone - Easy to use solution for your desk at work to make voice-to-text simple and more efficient. ​​​​​

Bookstore - You can also CLICK HERE to visit our Bookstore section. 

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