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Tips for Adults

Spelling and Writing

  • Use text prediction software to write emails and other communication. Most word processing software has spell-check and grammar-check features. Take full advantage of what they offer. 

  • In meetings, ask for verbal brainstorming sessions and for the note-taker to type up their notes. Or if you are assigned to be the note-taker, take notes on a laptop with a projector instead of hand-written on a whiteboard.

  • Work with a colleague to put together an outline first to make sure you can keep track of the content of a longer writing assignment

  • Ask for task instructions in verbal format. If your supervisor can talk through instructions by phone or voice memo, it may be easier for you to get started.

  • After you compose something, walk away or work on a separate task and come back to proofread it with fresh eyes. (This helps everyone!)

  • Don't be hesistant to ask a friend or colleague to proofread for you. Many people will be happy to do it. 

  • Just pick up the phone. Although many offices have an email culture, it may save you a lot of time and effort to clarify something by phone instead of back and forth emails. 


  • Ask for forms in a fillable pdf format so you can type in responses. 

  • Use smartphone apps to fill out forms that would otherwise be hand-written.​



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