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Signs and Symptoms

Common Signs and Symptoms of Dysgraphia

Dysgraphia can present in many ways. Here are some signs and symptoms. 

Handwriting and Fine Motor:

  • Avoids writing and drawing

  • Trouble forming letters

  • Messy handwriting

  • Trouble keeping words on a line or within margins

  • Does not use spacing correctly

  • Difficulty with capitals and punctuation

  • Awkward pencil grip

  • Difficulties with shoe-tying and fine motor skills

  • Complains about pain in hands when writing



Word Formation and Spelling:

  • Not spelling at grade-level

  • Unfinished words and missing letters

  • Does not spell words correctly even after being told multiple times

  • Inconsistent spelling of the same words

  • Difficulty copying text (from other paper or blackboard)

  • Has trouble following spelling rules


Composition and Expression:

  • Avoids all written assignments/tasks

  • Has trouble organizing thoughts to get them on paper -- often can tell someone this information out loud but can't write it down

  • Missing words in sentences

  • Needs extra time to complete writing assignments

  • Difficulty editing own work, needs help proofreading

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