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Dysgraphia and Writing Instruction

Dysgraphia and Writing Instruction

Dysgraphia and Writing Instruction: Insights from over 200 School Staff

Through a collaboration with Don Johnston and Texthelp, we asked over 200 educators about writing instruction and dysgraphia.

Picture of the Dysgraphia and Writing Instruction resource

In the resulting resource you’ll discover what they shared, including:

  • The importance of writing and writing instruction

  • The need for more dysgraphia resources and support

  • How schools help learners with dysgraphia

  • Technology’s role in writing support

How can I learn more about dysgraphia?

  • ​Browse the Dysgraphia Life website! There is a lot of information and many resources. The For Teachers page is a good place for educators to start.

  • Starting in Fall 2023, Dysgraphia Life will be offering professional development sessions to educators and school districts. Email Jennifer at for more information. 

  • There is a full archive of Expert Webinars on Dysgraphia here and on our YouTube channel. All are entirely free! 

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