Professionals Database Frequently Asked Questions

For Users

What is the Dysgraphia Life Professionals Database?

The Dysgraphia Life Professionals Database is a new resource for the dysgraphia community! Parents and teachers of kids with dysgraphia often struggle to find resources in their community, whether that means a tutor, occupational therapist, neuropsychologist, or others who have the right experience.

How is this database different from others?

There are some websites and organizations with lists of resources useful to people with learning disabilities, but the resources aren’t all in the same place and they aren’t dysgraphia-specific. We want to put everything you need for managing dysgraphia right here so you don’t need to go anywhere else!

What happens when I find a resource that looks useful?

Contact the professional directly but please be sure you tell them that you found them through Dysgraphia Life!

Does Dysgraphia Life certify the professionals or do background checks?

No. We bring you the information in one central place so that you can do your own due diligence. We do a basic check of the top-level information but we do not run background checks, reference checks, or verify certifications and licenses. Users are responsible for confirming that the listed information is true and that the professional has the appropriate background to help you or your child. If you find any information to be falsified, please contact us at info@dysgraphia.life so we can edit or remove the listing.

Why is this only for the United States?

Unfortunately, there are additional cost and legal implications for providing the database outside of the United States so we are starting only with the United States at this time. We hope to be able to grow the database in the future.

Will there be a cost to search the database to find a professional?

No. There will never be any cost for members of our community to search the database to find a professional that can help with writing difficulties.

For Professionals

As a professional with experience working with people with writing difficulties, why should I join this database?

By joining our database, parents looking for the right resources will find you faster. As a new initiative, we are building our network, but all the signs are telling us that parents need a way to find you. We expect to grow a lot over the next year. By joining early, you get the added benefit of a free membership for the first year.

Who will use this database?

We already get questions through email from parents all over the country looking for resources and for professionals to help diagnose and work with their children. We’ve also heard from teachers looking for information and resources so we hope those teachers will also come here to help their students.

I’m worried about my privacy. Do I have to enter all of my contact information?

We understand your concerns. We only require your name, type of professional, email address, and your own description of your experience and qualifications. However, we’d recommend at least including your city and state so that parents looking for someone locally can identify you as an option. You can also choose to include a “name for display” that is your company/LLC name.

What happens after I submit my form?

You’ll receive an auto-response email to tell you we’ve received your application. We review submissions and make sure you are appropriate for this database and we don’t have any questions. We will review your application before the launch of the database, which we anticipate for early Summer 2021. You will get a follow up email from us letting you know once you are in the database.

Do I have to enter credit card information to join?

During the pre-launch period, we will not ask for any billing information. You will have one year of your listing entirely free with no strings attached. After the database launches, there will be a small yearly fee for professional listings.

At the end of the trial period, what will it cost to be included in the Professionals Database?

While prices are subject to change, we anticipate that it will be $9.99 for individuals and $24.99 for organizations for a one year listing.

What if my “Cost Range Per Hour” is in more than one of your categories?

Choose the category that includes the high end of your range and consider checking the box offering sliding scale if you are willing to offer a lower cost in certain cases. This will be easier than choosing the category with the low end of your range and then having to communicate that the cost per hour will actually be higher when someone contacts you.