Effective Advocacy

How can I help my child? Be their advocate!  

You can make a difference for your child through being an advocate -- a person who publically supports them and helps speak for them.  

In school:

  • Talk or email with your child's teacher often and tell them if your child is struggling

  • Even if you don't have a formal plan, you can make helpful suggestions to the teacher. Give the teacher specifics - they might not have worked with writing difficulties before.  What exactly helps your child? You know best. 

  • Be creative. If copying is hard for your child and they have a device, ask if they could just snap a photo of their homework assignment.

  • Talk to the teacher about whether your child knows the content, not just if he/she can write it down on a test or assignment.  

In Occupational Therapy:

  • Ask what other skills the OT often teaches. If your child has trouble writing, they may have trouble tying shoes too. Having an OT help with that could make a big difference. 

  • Get an update every visit and ask what you can help with at home or if there are helpful resources you should look for.

One parent reports that she sent in a few sheets of Redispace paper to her son's teacher even though it wasn't on a formal plan. The teacher liked it so much she photocopied it and used it with him all year. 

A year later, his next teacher is using it too. 

In sports, camp, and other activities:

  • You don't always have to disclose your child's writing difficulties, but consider asking up front if there will be any writing. 

  • You may want to explain to coaches/counselors that your child learns best verbally and to talk with them about situations instead of writing things down. 

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