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Have you ever wondered why the name of our site is written in cursive? It's purposeful.

We keep hearing that cursive is a dying art. It's not taught in many schools anymore. Kids can't read letters from their grandmothers. What's the use when everyone is typing and texting?

In cursive, all of the letters start at the bottom.

Think about that again - all of the letters start at the bottom. Then think about the word "letter" in print and how those four different letters start so differently. And that's only four of the twenty six.

Now think about yourself or a friend or a child who has trouble with writing. Along with trying to think about putting the correct word in the sentence, how to spell the word, and which letter is next, you have to know where every single letter should start.

One of the simplest recommendations I heard from both a psychologist and an occupational therapist was to consider cursive for students who have trouble with writing. It simply helps take away one of the challenges of writing words.

I found it amazing that I had never heard or thought of this until these conversations. Such a simple thing and so many people that it could help. It did get a quick mention in an article in the New York Times about how cursive may be starting to make a comeback. But it's not a well-known concept.

I'm curious - did you learn cursive in school? How many people write in cursive or have taught their kids to? And did it seem more natural once you learned it?


One of my favorite handwriting resources offers books teaching cursive:

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