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Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Free Distance Learning Resources for Kids with Dysgraphia

As parents fully embrace this season of mandatory distance-learning, we have compiled an additional list of entirely-free learning resources for kids with dysgraphia. We hope the suggestions below are helpful and everyone please follow CDC guidelines and stay safe!

Handwriting Resources:

  • Learning Without Tears has a distance learning page where you can register for the free Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tool or a Keyboarding Without Tears license for 90 days

  • Peterson Directed Handwriting has How-To Videos on teaching cursive (always available free).

Orton-Gillingham based programs:

And for a little OG fun, check out these new YouTube parody videos on closed-syllables, open-syllables, and R controlled syllables.

Drawing & Writing:

Any writing and drawing is good for kids’ hand-strength and motor coordination and some of our favorite authors and illustrators have made the stay-at-home time more enjoyable. A few fan favorites:

Language Immersion:

For those with dysgraphia, learning a new language is often easier done through immersion instead of a typical school curriculum with grammar and worksheets. These resources are also being offered free this school year:

Online Read-A-Loud – Often kids with both dysgraphia and dyslexia like to hear stories out-loud instead of having to read them. This still increases vocabulary and language fluency. Check out the #OperationStorytime hashtag on Twitter to find many famous authors bringing their stories to life.

Please stay safe and let us know if there are other great resources that you are using to help kids in our community!

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