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October is for Community

At some point, you have likely seen the signs of an awareness month: colorful ribbons, passionate speeches, or fundraising walks designed to bring extra focus on a particular group or cause.

It's a little hard to tell with all the pink for breast cancer in October, but did you know that October is also Learning Disability Awareness Month?

The original proclamation came from President Ronald Reagan in 1985, where he called the human brain, "the crowning wonder of our marvelous universe." He also stated that, "awareness of learning disabilities is one of the most important advances in education in recent years."

Awareness months are valuable because they provide an opportunity for a group of people to celebrate and support their community. And building a community is a critical part of advancing breakthroughs, and creating solidarity. We all connect to communities daily, whether in our neighborhood or school groups, church, hobbies, sports, and so many others. For those of us impacted by dysgraphia in some way - whether us personally, our child, other family member, or friend - how do we connect with each other? How do we celebrate and support each other? How do we advance breakthroughs? How do we create solidarity? How do we highlight the challenges and accomplishments of this group?

We do it by building our community.

And that begins here, during this month when we highlight those who are impacted by all learning disabilities. That’s what Dysgraphia Life is here to do. We want to fill a gap that we think exists in supporting people impacted by dysgraphia. We want to work together to find solutions that lift up everyone in this community, advance new breakthroughs, and make everyone feel celebrated and supported.

This is just the beginning for us and it won’t end when October is over. You’ll start to see more popping up on this website: more information, more resources, more support, more ways to connect. We’ll ask for your help too, because we are all in this together, and together we can make the lives of those impacted by dysgraphia easier.

We’re glad you’re here. Stick with us as we grow. Tell us what you need. We’re listening and we can’t wait to build this community together. Reach out anytime to

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