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Success At A Distance

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

My 11 year old has dysgraphia. I could not be more proud of the list of awards he received last night.

I know a lot of people who have kids with dysgraphia have struggled with online learning but Harold seemed to do drastically better being able to voice type instead of writing and not having the pressure of time constraints.

His school had been helping him for years but I don’t think they were really grasping what his problems were. I knew exactly how his brain was working because it’s exactly how mine works. I’ve had exactly the same struggles all my life.

Finally, I had a meeting with the school where I was in tears trying to explain it’s like dyslexia except the problem isn’t reading and taking the information in the problem is writing and getting it out. Then then his counselor explained dysgraphia which was a term I had never heard before. We had testing and got his IEP set up. He has been doing so well at home that they had a meeting to see what we were doing so they can try to incorporate it into his plan for middle school. We home schooled for the first few years of elementary and I was always worried that I had made his problems worse but after this experience I know his school is really grasping what he needs and if we need to take him out he can do well in online learning. Also some reassurance that despite my own issues I was able to effectively help my son.

I just wanted to share this moment of hope with all of you, who know how hard this can be.

Love and support,

Harold’s mom, a.k.a Sharon

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