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TikTok Superpowers

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Rachel Adler is not only thriving with dysgraphia, she is raising awareness about it to help others.

Rachel, a digital marketing manager in New York City, has taken to the very popular social media platform TikTok to explain dysgraphia and how she copes.

As someone who has had dysgraphia "since kindergarten", she understands the ups and downs of having a learning difference. She keeps it real with her audience, explaining that she cries with frustration when she can't get the words out --- and that this is perfectly normal.

But she also teaches, explaining what dysgraphia is and how it works to raise awareness. Then she talks about how it can be a superpower, enhancing creativity and making you more attentive to other people and what their needs may be.

It's a superpower because it makes you think outside the box. - Rachel Adler

Rachel is creating a whole series of TikToks. Check out the first one that caught our attention here. You can follow her at rachela.adler on TikTok.


Calling all teens! Is TikTok your favorite social platform? Snap? YouTube? How do you thrive with your dysgraphia? We want to spotlight you! Send us a video clip or social links to and share your story with others.

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