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Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Welcome! We are so glad you found us. Why did I create Dysgraphia Life? I'm a scientist who had worked in the nonprofit sector and patient advocacy for over a decade before realizing that multiple members of my family have dysgraphia. When I went looking for information and a community, I was shocked at the lack of information dedicated to this very common condition! (Did you know that typing in "" redirects to a dyslexia group that doesn't have much content on dysgraphia? I was horrified.) While some general learning disability groups have great information, there was not a clear focus on dysgraphia. So Dysgraphia Life was born.

Our purpose is to provide those who have trouble with writing and their loved ones with information, education, beneficial products, and services to help everyone reach their true potential. Plus, the scientist in me also plans to support (and someday hopefully fund) more dysgraphia research. So, welcome! We hope you love our site.

- Jennifer, Founder and President, Dysgraphia Life

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Dysgraphia Life

Our purpose is to provide information, education, beneficial products and services to  those with learning disabilities and writing difficulties.


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