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Best of 2023

As we launch into 2024, make sure you didn't miss Dysgraphia Life's resources, articles, and webinars that ranked as the best of 2023.

Top Resources

Redispace Notebook Filler Paper

1. Spacing paper - the top product for past 3 years, spacing paper tops the charts again. RediSpace Notebook Filler paper is the top choice with Channie's Writing Pads and RediSpace's composition book following closely behind.

Cover of Dysgraphia IEPs book

2. Dysgraphia IEPS - Released in 2023, our book on how to create Individualized Education Program goals for specific learning disability of written expression was popular. It provides suggested accommodations and ideas of goals for different grade levels. Goal areas include handwriting, spelling, composition, and self-advocacy. Purchase it here! (And if you already read it in 2023 and liked it, please leave us a good review!)

3. Slant Boards - Slant Boards help some students with their writing posture and hand positioning and allow for more comfortable handwriting. The two most popular were the more affordable INNER-ACTIVE Slant Board and the Visual Edge Slant Board that has magnetic and dry-erase surfaces and comes in multiple colors.

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We look forward to bringing you even more new content in 2024.

-The Dysgraphia Life team

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