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Holiday Shopping Time!

The holiday season is starting early this year in an effort to bring more cheer to 2020. Check out our suggestions for fun items to buy for people with dysgraphia or writing difficulties. These are all items that that could help someone out while they are having so much fun, they don't even realize it.

Pop It - A sensory kids toy that builds hand strength and is so popular that we know a teenager who asked for one. Check out this keychain version too. If it's not in stock, there are a variety of similar items.

Holiday Putty - An old favorite! We love putty for hand strength and kids love its resemblance to slime. Crazy Aaron's makes a Christmas trio, Hannukah Festival of Lights putty, and Wintertime Scents amongst many, many others. There is also now a fun kit to make your own colors (for ages 8 and up).

Everyone will love the new Mandalorian edition of Operation where you grab all the things Baby Yoda wants. (Or you can opt for the classic version here.) Both develop hand strength and fine motor skills while using tweezers.

Decorate your workspace to make writing more fun! The new Lego DOTS line lets you build and design a desk organizer and a pencil holder. (There are jewelry options too.)

Scratch Art - Practice drawing and writing in a fun, no-pressure way with colors and holograms. Available as a deluxe art set, a doodle pad, or even mini-notes.

Jenga - Classic fun for the whole family while improving motor skills and coordination. Writing on the blocks is completely optional. They're not cheap but there are also versions now that are 3 feet or even 5 feet tall!

More retro fun, Lite-Brite is a classic motor skills toy with putting pegs onto the light board. Be sure to get some fun refill patterns too for hours of entertainment.

Wreck This Journal - Many people with dysgraphia don't want to write and avoid activities like journaling. Think again with this journal that encourages creativity and less-traditional methods of recording your life. "Paint, poke, create, destroy, and wreck—to create a journal as unique as you are."

Legos - You can never go wrong with the classic building toy! Architecture for teens and adults, Minecraft, Disney princesses, Star Wars, Avengers, and lot of new Friends and City adventures. We want the deep space rocket launch set and the pirate ship.

Earbuds with a Microphone - With so much distance learning and many in our community incorporating talk-to-text options in their work, headphones with a microphone are key. Remember that earbuds connect to any laptop with Bluetooth - not just phones. Check out this wireless earbud option with over ten thousand reviews, a built in mic, and Airpod-type mobility without the corresponding price.

Audible Plus - Amazon's new program allows unlimited audiobooks from their 'Plus' catalog. Listening to audiobooks can improve vocabulary and language skills anywhere, anytime. Titles for both children and adults. There is also a 'premium' plan with monthly credits towards audio book bestsellers and more. Gift memberships are available HERE.

Plus, don't forget a gift card so they can to go back and buy fun writing activities in the future!

The Dysgraphia Life team is wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

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