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How To Find What You're Not Looking For

Learn from Newbery Honor-winning author Veera Hiranandani about her new book, How to Find What You're Not Looking For, where the main character, Ariel, is an intelligent twelve year old girl with dysgraphia who is just learning to recognize her own talents:

Dysgraphia Life reached out to Veera to learn more about the book and her motivation to have her main character struggle with dysgraphia. Veera explains how multiple parts of the book are shaped by her own life experiences.

"Writing is to you is what dancing is to the clumsiest person in the world." - Ariel, describing herself

The book (which we thought was fantastic!) chronicles Ari's family struggles with racial and religious differences as well as how she copes with and overcomes her dysgraphia with the help of a forward-thinking teacher. As Veera tells us, Ari's learning differences help her see the world in a different, but positive way.

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Buy a copy of Veera's book to read and share. (Note: Dysgraphia Life is an Amazon Affiliate and earns a small percentage of your purchase at no cost to you if you use our links.)

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