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Learning About Learning Disabilities

How do you learn new information about learning disabilities?

Dysgraphia Life is investigating how parents and guardians of students with learning disabilities like to learn new information.  This is a part of our larger “Building Capacity for Dysgraphia Research” project, funded by PCORI.

The 15-minute survey aims to understand a number of key questions:

  • Where do you go for information about learning disabilities?

  • What sources do you you trust?

  • How do you like to learn about new research results

  • How would you like to interact with researchers who wanted your input on a new study or wanted your child to participate in the study?

 Woman on couch looking at laptop while child on couch looks at a book

We want to hear from you! If you are a parent or guardian of child with learning disabilities (of any age), please consider taking the survey.

Your opinions will help inform future researchers and make sure that the newest research results and opportunities are reaching the learning disabilities community.


For questions, please reach out to study lead, Jennifer C. King, PhD at  This study was reviewed by an independent ethics board (IRB) and is being advised by Dysgraphia Life’s Research Advisory Board.

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