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Ouch! Pain While Writing

One of Dysgraphia Life's goals is to support more research on dysgraphia and the process of writing. Today we are highlighting a research opportunity where you can participate to power research about pain while writing. Plus, the principal investigator (lead scientist for the study) is a great example for our community as he has dysgraphia himself.

Julian M. David-Drori, MS, EMT

Hi there, my name is Julian. Like many of you and your children, I have developmental dysgraphia. I have struggled with it as far back as I can remember but in spite of it I’ve managed to excel.

Currently, I am the Director of Research for Neurobehavioral Institute of New York (NIONY) and I am currently running a study on developmental dysgraphia but I need your help.

I need study participants between the ages of 7 and 18 who have developmental dysgraphia as well as their parents to take the attached survey about their experiences with hand discomfort.

A person rubbing their hands in pain

Discomfort in Developmental Dysgraphia

Thank you and please share this page with others who may qualify.

Julian M. David-Drori, MS, EMT

Primary Investigator, DDP Project

718 569 0935

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