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Thank you! 🔥🔥🔥

Thank you for raising your voices and sharing your stories during an amazing Dysgraphia Awareness Month! We asked everyone to submit dysgraphia stories and were overwhelmed by the response. Thank you to so many of you for sharing your personal journeys with us and allowing us to share them with others. Here is a sampling (and there were even more in our last blog):

Since experiences and challenges can spark scientific questions, we have been calling these stories #DysgraphiaSparks and we are lighting a fire! 🔥

Along with the submitted stories, we also hosted two parent/guardian sharing sessions this month where we were able to connect people with others who were experiencing and overcoming similar struggles. Attendees found many commonalities and often provided others with helpful suggestions. We also could see sparks of questions during these events and talked about why real-life experience is important for creating meaningful research studies.

As we move into 2024, we will be using the #DysgraphiaSparks to help create a list of important research that is needed in to the dysgraphia community.

You can still contribute to this effort - it's not too late to share your story - or just answer this one quick question about what matters to you:

Thank you to everyone! And remember you can raise awareness of dysgraphia all year long!

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