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The Best of 2021

At Dysgraphia Life, we are beginning to wrap up 2021 and plan for 2022 (to help, please take our Community Needs Assessment survey if you haven't yet!) As part of this process, we are also taking a look back at the year's most popular content. Did you miss any of it? Check out these popular posts and pages.

Top Posts of 2021

A call for our community to raise awareness about dysgraphia/specific learning disorder of written expression during the month of October, with tools such as shareable infographics.

An emotional piece written by our founder about the struggle it can be to have your child go through the process to access school-based services.

Guest blog from by Sue Ramin-Hutchison from Handwriting Problem Solutions on the use of assistive technology for students with writing difficulties.

Explanation of structured literacy vs. Orton-Gillingham based programs and why these may be helpful for you or your child.

Our review of some of the best software options for students to have for school.

Top Website Content of 2021

Top Overall Pages - outside of our homepage, these were our most popular pages
Top New Content - most popular new pages added in 2021

Thank you to the whole community for all of the support this year. Our website, monthly e-newsletter list, and social media have seen tremendous growth. We hope you have a fantastic holiday season, no matter what holidays you do/do not celebrate. We look forward to sharing more helpful content and launching new resources to help the community in 2022!



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