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Top Resources of 2021

Looking for resources to help your writing or to help your child with writing? Dysgraphia Life is an Amazon Associate and receives a very small percentage (at no cost to you) from items purchased on Amazon through our site. However, our purpose is public benefit and we only feature products that we feel could be beneficial to you or your loved ones!

We reviewed the top purchases of 2021 by our community and these are the most popular items Check out if there is anything that may help you or your child and support our mission of helping those with writing difficulties at the same time.

#1 on the list for the second year in a row - spacing paper!

Redispace paper was the most popular purchase in 2020 and 2021 but Channie's paper was not far behind. Many in our community also bought the larger spaced graph paper for lining up math problems, which is particularly helpful with multiplication and division.

Slant Boards in multiple colors were the top writing aid (blue and green were the favorites) but different types of pencil grips and pencils were popular too.

Multisensory writing tools were popular this year - manipulatives to build words and sentences and to sandpaper to trace letters with a more tactile feel.

Books to work on motor skills - particularly fun mazes - were also a common purchase.

Handwriting Without Tears continues to be a favorite evidence-based handwriting curriculum and many of their books were popular - both for print and cursive.

And finally, books of all kinds were a popular purchase by our community. This includes fun and inspirational stories as well textbooks to help understand dysgraphia and other learning differences.

We hope this recap gave you some helpful ideas - happy shopping!

- The Dysgraphia Life Team

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