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Virtual Learning with Dysgraphia

It's back to school time but it looks quite different for many of us this year. Here's some helpful resources to help your child succeed during the 2020-21 school year - even if it is from home.

Creating a work area at home to help with writing

Add some of the following elements to their desk or workspace to help ensure writing success for kids who may need extra support.

Digital Learning & Assistive Technology

Many kids with writing issues thrive when using assistive technology to help get their ideas out. Turn on the free voice typing under "Tools" in Google Docs and let them dictate their composition.

Listening Comprehension is also an important skill to develop for language arts.


As our regular readers know, we encourage learning reading and spelling skills using an Orton-Gillingham based program. A few options for those who are home-schooling are:


Distance learning means more computer time and learning to type is critical. Here are a few options designed to support kids with learning differences.


Even with all the technology, kids will still need to practice their writing and letter formation!


And this year, who could forget that health comes first. Make sure you are stocked up with plenty of items to stop and slow the spread of coronavirus and keep your family healthy.

Best wishes for a strong start back to school! Remember to have plenty of patience with both students and teachers during these difficult times. Everyone is learning together.

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