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Webinar: Ashley Roberts

Lost In Dysgraphia: A Parent Conversation About Identifying Needs
with Ashley Roberts, Founder of The Dyslexia Initiative & Dysgraphia Parent
Ashley Roberts Webinar

This live webinar was recorded on April 24th, 2023 featuring Ashley Roberts, Founder and President of The Dyslexia Initiative, blogger, and parent of a dysgraphic & dyslexic student speaking with Jennifer King, PhD, Founder of Dysgraphia Life, scientist, and mom.

Webinar Overview: 

A conversation discussing many relevant topics to parents and guardians:

  • highs and lows of your child's experience with dysgraphia

  • interventions and accomodations used for dysgraphia (& how that compares to interventions for dyslexia)

  • lessons learned while advocating for your student

  • gaps faced and areas of need that exist

  • how research can improve outcomes for students and their parents/guardians

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