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Webinar: Diagnostic Learning Services

Testing for Specific Learning Disability in Written Expression: What Parents Need To Know
with Laurie Peterson M. Ed, MA, LPC & Abbey Weinstein, PhD from Diagostic Learning Services 

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By attending this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to get your child tested if you suspect a specific learning disability (discussion of school based and/or outside testing)

  • Understand the different types of tests that can be used to help diagnose written expression disorders/dysgraphia

  • Take away actionable information about how the results of the testing may help inform appropriate accommodations and special education 

Handouts of the webinar slides are available here: 
Diagnostic Learning Services Webinar

About the Speakers: 

Laurie Peterson M. Ed, MA, LPC


Founder and Executive Director of Diagnostic Learning Services and eDiagnostic Learning. Host of the Let’s Talk Learning Disabilities podcast. 

Laurie attended the University of Arkansas and received her Bachelor’s degree in Special Education in 1993. After spending 7 years in the classroom, she returned to school and received a Master’s degree from Texas Woman’s University in Special Education with an emphasis on assessment which began her career as an Educational Diagnostician.  Laurie returned to school again in 2009 and obtained a second Master’s degree in Professional Counseling. 

Laurie spent another 6 years evaluating students in the public school system before realizing the tremendous need for assessments that understand and identify all the needs of the student and not what is best for the school.


Through the years of helping and assessing students from elementary age to college and adulthood, Laurie has become a well-respected and sought-after voice in helping students and adults. She enjoys the chances she has been afforded to speak publicly to groups and schools to share how they can better understand the needs of their students when it comes to learning disabilities such as Dyslexia and ADHD. Laurie serves on the Executive Board for the North Texas chapter of Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD)



Abbey Weinstein, PhD, NCED


Director of Assessment for Diagnostic Learning Services.  She is also a cohost of the widely successful podcast, Let’s Talk Learning Disabilities.


Dr. Weinstein has over 25 years of experience in education, as an ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) home therapist for 2 years, a teacher for 7 years, and as an Educational Diagnostician for the last 17 years, testing for a variety of disabilities and developing Individualized Education Plans. She has experience in both the private and public education sectors. Abbey earned her Bachelor’s degree in Human Development with an emphasis in Developmental Disabilities from the University of Kansas in 1998. Dr. Weinstein earned her Master’s degree in Special Education with Educational Diagnostician certification from Texas Woman’s University in 2006 and earned her Ph.D. in Special Education with a minor in Educational Leadership also from TWU. Dr. Weinstein is a member of the Council for Exceptional Children, Texas Educational Diagnostician Association, North Texas CHADD, and Council for Learning Disabilities.


In her free time, Abbey loves to read, travel, take walks, and play with her dog, Lenny, a Lab mix.

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Headshot of Dr. Abbey Weinstein
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