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Webinar: Michael Greschler

Understanding the Impact of Executive Function on Writing: Strategies for Success

A Dysgraphia Life webinar presented by Michael Greschler, M.Ed on Wednesday, August 30th, 2023.

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About the Session: 

Executive function (EF) strategies (e.g., shifting flexibly, goal setting, organization, accessing working memory, and self-monitoring) are crucial for success in school. However, without support many students, especially those with learning differences, such as dysgraphia, will struggle; as they fall behind, they may lose self-confidence in their abilities.


In this webinar, we will develop a personalized, functional and research-based definition of EF, learning how EF relates to metacognition, self-concept, and effort, and exploring why students so often struggle with EF related tasks. We will also explore what research says are the best practices for EF strategy instruction, as well as how this model can be adapted by parents, teachers, tutors, and more.


About the presenter: 

Michael Greschler, M.Ed.

Michael Greschler, M.Ed. serves as the Director of the SMARTS Program. Michael oversees the development and growth of the SMARTS program, leading our curriculum development and instructional design teams and working closely with educators across the US and around the world to develop customized professional development and training programs to support the success of all students. In addition to his SMARTS work, Michael works as an educational specialist, using executive function strategy instruction to support teenagers and young adults. He is a frequent presenter at workshops, conferences, and webinars and has authored chapters and articles on topics related to executive function. Michael holds a Master’s Degree in Education in Human Development and Psychology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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