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Finding Your People

One of the things that was important to me when starting Dysgraphia Life was having a place for community. I have spent a number of years leading programs for cancer patients and their families. While my team could teach people a lot about the science and medical treatment of cancer, there were other extremely important things that our patients learned by talking to other patients with the same cancer.

As cancer treatment became more personalized, patients increasingly looked to people with their exact experience to talk with - not only people who took the same treatments and who had the same cancer biomarkers but also those who were also the same age or at the same stage of life or had a similar job. Programs would set patients up with a "buddy" who can share life experiences and give them important information to help them navigate their journey.

The world of learning difficulties is no different. While the Dysgraphia Life team has a lot more planned for you and strives to provide the most helpful information, education, products, and services possible, we will never be able to cover everything.

All of us could use some peer-to-peer support - finding "your people" and asking their advice. Maybe they have a kid in the same grade or one ahead. Maybe they struggle with the same work issues you do. Whatever you are facing, someone has likely had to deal with it before and could give you some tips, encouragement, and support.

So today we are launching our community forum. We encourage you to join the community, post questions, reply to comments, and share your stories. Someone out there may have gone through what you or your loved one are currently facing and can help. Someone else might learn from you. Find your people with similar journeys whose experiences and attitudes and learnings can make your journey a little easier. And please always be positive, encouraging, and respectful. We are in this to help one other.

I look forward to meeting you and learning from you on the forum! - Jennifer

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