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Help Prioritize Research

Dysgraphia Life® is seeking volunteers to help identify priority research topics that could improve outcomes for individuals with dysgraphia or who have difficulty writing.  

What do we need to know to better serve people with dysgraphia?  


Dysgraphia is a learning disability in writing. It affects up to 30% of students but not a lot is known about causes or interventions that can help. Much more research is needed. Dysgraphia Life®, led by Dr. Jennifer King, is working to identify which research topics are most important and meaningful to the entire dysgraphia community. 


This project is recruiting 30 people with personal or professional experience with dysgraphia or other learning disabilities. Participants could include individuals with dysgraphia, their parents/caregivers, clinicians, educators, and researchers. They will be asked to complete two ~20-minute questionnaires to rank and rate research questions to identify which are the highest priorities.  


Participants will receive a $50 gift card as a thank you for their time. Results will be disseminated widely to scientific, philanthropic, and advocacy audiences to spur critical research interest and funding.   


If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering, please submit for consideration here:


If you have questions, please contact: Jennifer C. King, PhD, 


Dysgraphia Life® provides information, education, beneficial products and services to those with learning disabilities and writing difficulties. We aim to create a supportive community where people can share experiences and help others succeed. 

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