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"I Don't Know What That Is"

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

October has been all about raising awareness of dysgraphia and today we want to celebrate Sammy who has been raising awareness by writing about dysgraphia on Medium.

Sammy's post "Dysgraphia - The Ultimate 'I Don't Know What That Is' Disability" hits the nail on the head:

"...well, I have Dysgraphia, and the truth is that most people don’t even know what it is. As I am typing this very sentence, the word “Dysgraphia” was underlined red by my spell check. Most of the time, when I tell people I have Dysgraphia, they either ask me what it is or they google it on their phone."

Sammy has dysgraphia and he's a rock star in our minds. He's a sophomore at Brooklyn Technical High School (a highly-competitive, top-ranked magnet school). He's the class treasurer, loves software engineering and mechanical engineering, and enjoys coding and 3D printing. Better yet, he is raising awareness about his learning difference - providing people with sources to find more information, helpful tips, and plenty of inspiration. He credits his dysgraphia as the reason that he is fluent in 4 programming languages (Python, Javascript, C#, and R).

"This is simply because Dysgraphia isn’t just one issue with your brain, it's a web of different issues that end up making us better people."

We highly encourage you to go read his piece on Medium. Read it all the way until the end because there are some messages to parents/guardians and students that will leave you smiling and inspired.

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