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Top Resources of 2022

Note: Dysgraphia Life is an Amazon Affiliate and may earn a small percentage on purchases made through our site, at no cost to you.

We have been crunching our 2022 data and here is a list of the top resources that our community bought to help support people with dysgraphia and writing difficulties. Check out these products, we hope you can find something helpful!

Always at the top - Spacing Paper!

Our very best seller for the past few years, Redispace Notebook Filler paper (which looks like real loose leaf paper) wins again. Channie's Visual Worksheets and Abilitations Hi-Write paper follow closely behind.


The bookstore was popular this year. Cheri Dotterer's Handwriting Brain-Body DisConnect (also see our free webinar with Cheri from 2021) and Cassandra Baker's children's book, Writing Right (see our spotlight piece on Cassie from 2020) were the two top books.

Note: it wasn't released until January 2023, but we are hoping that Dysgraphia Life's brand new e-book, Dysgraphia IEPs: Developing and Maintaining Learning Goals for Specific Learning Disability of Written Expression, will make this list next year!

Other Handwriting Tools

Other writing tools were also popular that can make the physical act of writing easier. INNER-ACTIVE slant board was this year's top choice in slant boards. They narrowly beat out Visual Edge slant boards who was last year's winner. Both get great reviews; Inner Active is at lower price point but Visual Edge boasts more colors.

We find that pencil grips can vary a lot with individual preferences but the top two most popular this year were The Pencil Grip Original Pencil Gripper and JuneLsy Pencil Grips (which according to Amazon is their #1 best seller in Special Education supplies).


LearningBoard Keyboards remained popular for teaching touch-typing to children.

Hand Strength

And finally, the many fun kid-friendly choices of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty just edged out the more official CanDo Theraputty for favorite putty when working on hand strength, with some of the "Hide Inside" and Glow-In-The-Dark types proving popular.

We hope some of these suggestions are helpful! Happy shopping and please leave comments and feedback below so we know what items are working or not working for you and/or your family.

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