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It's Dysgraphia Awareness Month, 2023! This year Dysgraphia Life is encouraging everyone to raise their voice and share their dysgraphia story.

Fireworks and stars with the words "Share Stories that Spark Science"

Why is this so important? Because your story is meaningful.

What you might not realize is that sharing your story not only makes other people feel like they are not alone, it can also be the trigger that makes a difference. We are calling these stories #DysgraphiaSparks .

The Dysgraphia Life Research Advisory Board talked about this recently. One scientist said,

"What people come with are their stories, their questions, their confusion and their frustrations. Embedded in their comments are interesting research questions. Even though people may not be thinking about them as research questions, these are the seeds through which research questions are going to emerge and get crystallized."

The group agreed and stressed the importance of hearing personal stories and making sure that everyone's voices get heard. As one parent put it,

"Research needs to be designed in a way so as to answer the question, ‘How will this create success for those impacted?’ "

I am in a position where I see dysgraphia from two sides. As a parent, I can see many ways that my child needs help and support. As a scientist, I realize that most of the possible interventions have not been rigorously tested.

So this October, we want to hear from you. We want the world to hear about dysgraphia and raise awareness of learning disabilities in writing. Plus, we want to collect stories and share your perspectives with scientists so that future research studies can create success for you.

Here are a few ways you can participate:

  • Share Your Story Here - and let us know if we can share it with others. We will be highlighting stories and quotes all month long.

  • Raise Awareness on Social Media - our Twibbon campaign makes it easy to be seen on social media and to encourage others to share #DysgraphiaSparks

  • Share and Learn Together - instead of a webinar this month, we are hosting two parent/guardian sharing sessions. This is time where you can talk with other parents about your challenges and successes.

Join us all month long to elevate awareness of dysgraphia and promote meaningful progress.


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