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The Best of 2020

2020 has highlights? We know it has been a rough year -- and students, teachers, and parents all had significant challenges. Yet,as we watch the first vaccine doses roll out to healthcare workers across the U.S., there is reason for optimism. So we are looking back and celebrating all the positive things that we can find that happened 2020. With that in mind, here were Dysgraphia Life's most popular posts of the year.

Cassie's inspirational story spoke to many. She's a teenager who recognized the challenges that her brothers who have dysgraphia have faced. So she worked with an occupational therapies to and write an amazing children's story! Learn more about her and her advice for kids and check out her awesome book.

Dr. Chung, a developmental-behavioral pediatrician, summarized his recent scientific review on dysgraphia in Translational Pediatrics for our community. Read his piece to learn more about the science behind this learning difference.

As parts the country closed down, we remained here for you. Our first pandemic post, Distancing and Dysgraphia, focused on things you could do during unexpected school closures. Later, we expanded this to highlight free learning resources for our entire community and virtual learning suggestions. It was a year we never could have envisioned, but we also witnessed some kids with dysgraphia embracing the change and flying high.

This post was actually from 2019, but when Disney Plus aired the first TV performance of Hamilton, the views more than doubled. This is an inspirational story to share with students in your life who may struggle with writing -- they could be the next creator of Hamilton!

The entire Dysgraphia Life team wishes everyone a happy and healthy holiday season. We are excited to bring you more content and helpful resources in 2021!

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